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Filters For Families

Clean water is the most basic element any family needs to survive. Whether this is your family or a family in Uganda or Brazil, hundreds of thousands of families all over the world don't have access to this simple necessity. Thirst Relief has been changing the lives of families for years through our commitment to the construction, distribution, and implementation of BioSand Filters. We want you to join us in changing the lives of 1,000 families.

Family life in the developing world should mean kids enjoying school, fun with friends, time together around family meals, and healthy bodies. By joining us in providing Filters For Families, you are making this life a reality for families!

$100 will give 1 family clean water for 25 years

You can join us by donating, starting a fundraiser by yourself or with your own family, and raising awareness and spreading the word. How many families' lives will you change? Join together with us now to start changing lives!