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Did you know that about 4 million people lack access to safe drinking water even though they live on the Amazon river?

The lack of clean drinking water in the Amazon is a major issue that affects millions of people living in the region. Many of the rivers and streams that serve as the primary sources of water for communities in the Amazon are contaminated with pollutants and bacteria, making them unsafe to drink. The problem is compounded by the fact that the region is home to many indigenous communities that rely on these water sources for their daily needs and do not have access to clean water from other sources. The lack of clean drinking water in the Amazon has serious consequences for the health and well-being of these communities, as it can lead to waterborne diseases and other illnesses. Since 2005 we've work closely with the indigenous peoples, delivering Biosand Filters by river boats. Biosand Filters help remove harmful parasites, viruses and bacteria found in the river water and give them fresh hope free of sickness and disease!

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